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K05013ARO bearing

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Shandong Lanbo Thin Wall Bearing specializes in the production of K02513ARO bearings, K05013ARO bearings, K06013ARO bearings,

At the same time, K07013ARO bearings, K08013ARO bearings, K09013ARO bearings and other models are produced.

In an assembly shop of a factory in the south, a female worker skilledly installed the sockets in the socket switch with a manual riveting machine, and behind them were baskets of parts to be installed. "The daily output of each skilled worker is between 4,000 and 5,000, which is already the limit of manual production."

The person in charge of the plant revealed: "Part assembly is a link with more labor and lower technical content, and it has also become a breakthrough point in automation transformation."

Automatic discharge, automatic reclaiming, automatic assembly, automatic riveting ... After four processes, each finished product rolls off the disc of the automatic silver dot riveting machine.

"This equipment integrates the past four manual processes to achieve true automation.

The output of a machine is about 20,000 per day, which is equal to the manual output of 4 workers, which breaks through the production bottleneck of production. "

Therefore, the factory designed a technical transformation plan according to its own needs, and then commissioned a professional equipment manufacturer to manufacture, which accelerated the pace of "machine substitution".

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