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71900AC bearing

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Shandong Lanbo Thin Wall Bearing specializes in the production of 719 / 8AC bearings, 71900C bearings, 71900AC bearings, and also produces 71901C bearings, 71901AC bearings, 71902C bearings and other models.

Thin-walled bearing maintenance steps

Remove the wheels first, remember to put away the screws, it will be troublesome.

Remove the bearing, some wheels have a tight core, and the bearing is difficult to remove. Just use a hexagon wrench (the one that removes the screw) to dig it down. Rest assured, the bearing is not easy to break!

First use a toothbrush to brush off the dirt on the surface of Palin. You do n’t have to do this step, no problem!

Some bearing's side cover is detachable, while others won't. First determine whether your side cover is detachable. How to judge?

Don't worry! If there is a C-shaped ring on the edge of the bearing side cover, it is detachable, and if it is not, it is not detachable, but there are exceptions!

If it's detachable, it's easy! Using a precision screwdriver, pry the C-ring up through the gap in the C-ring, and then remove the side cover. Just remove one side!

Keep the C-ring and side cover closed. You will probably want to put them back after washing!

If it is not removable, it will be more troublesome! Use destructive methods. Use a precision screwdriver to reach into the seam of the side cover and pry the side cover firmly. Don't doubt it, that's it, but this side cover won't fit back!

Well, throw it away! Remember, as long as you remove one side, it will be ruined!

Remove all the side covers of all bearings and start washing! Pour the oil into the bowl, throw the bearings and stir.

Note: Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.

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