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What to consider when buying bearing grease?

Time:2018-12-27     【Reserved】   Read

What are the aspects of buying a bearing grease for thin-walled bearings?

When you buy bearing grease, what aspects do you consider? Is the bearing grease that is purchased to meet your own wishes? Bearing greases that may be selected by some small partners are not very compatible. So today, Xiaobian will talk to you about what to consider when buying grease.

1. Anti-rust performance The grease used in the bearing must have anti-rust effect, and the anti-rust agent should be insoluble in water.

2. If the mechanical stability of the grease is insufficient, during the operation, the structure of the soap of the grease will mechanically disintegrate, causing the grease to be destroyed, thereby losing the lubricating effect.

3. Oil seal is a barrier to protect bearings and lubricants from external pollution. During the operation of the bearing, no matter whether debris or moisture can penetrate into the bearing to prevent damage.

4. Mix the grease and never mix the incompatible grease.

5. Different working conditions and temperature, the bearing grease used is different.

6. It is important to choose a kind of grease whose base oil viscosity can provide sufficient lubricating effect at working temperature. The viscosity is mainly affected by temperature, it decreases with the rise of temperature, and it rises when the temperature drops. .




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