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Lanbo will change the status quo of thin-walled bearings relying on imports

Time:2018-05-10     【Reserved】   Read

The progress of the new era has driven the rapid development of China's economy and made China's industry have a more rapid development momentum. With the government's strong support for SME policies, the scientific and technological research and development capabilities of domestic private enterprises have also been rapidly improved.

The thin-walled bearing industry has developed rapidly in recent years. At the same time, the requirements for the accuracy of thin-walled bearings in various industries are getting higher and higher. In many cases, the requirements for the installation space of thin-walled bearings are strict, and the requirements for the size and quality of thin-walled bearings have been met. A new height.

For example, with the development of the robot industry, miniaturization and light weight will be the development trend of robot bearings. The thin-walled bearing with equal section can save space, reduce weight, reduce friction, and improve the rotation accuracy, making it possible to reduce the size and weight of the main unit.

In addition, the use of thin-walled bearings with large bores and small cross-sections allows water pipes, cables, etc. to pass through the hollow shaft, making the design simpler. Compared with ordinary bearings, thin-walled bearings are light in weight, thin in wall and small in size. They are very suitable for occasions where the installation space is strict. They have unparalleled advantages of ordinary bearings and are widely used in aerospace, precision measuring instruments, medical Instruments and robots and many other industries.

At the same time, because the thin-walled ball bearings of equal section are very thin and light, the production difficulty is relatively increased, which limits the rapid development of such bearings. The thin-walled bearings of equal section have not appeared in China for a long time. In the next few years, Lanbo et al. The thin-walled bearing of the section will change the long-term monopoly of the product in foreign companies and get rid of the embarrassing situation of long-term dependence on imports from abroad.




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